Tips On Sinusitis

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Tips for sinus infection

A. The following advices are useful:

* does not smoke.
* Avoids the smoke of the tobacco. Ask the smokers not to do it in his presence.
* Is a heavy drinker water (it does that the snot is less thick).
* If you have allergy, avoids the contact with the substances to which it is allergic (dust, paleness, etc.).
* Realizes steam with eucalyptus, menthol or simply with warm water.
Washed nasal * with physiological whey or with boiled water to which little salt will be added. It can do them with a syringe or with a pear of gum.
* The decongestant nasal ones, which sell without recipe, they are useful, but HIS USE MORE THAN THREE DAYS CAN WORSEN THE SYMPTOMS. DO NOT TAKE THEM AS HIS ACCOUNT and consult his doctor.
* does not remain stretched out too many hours a day, because this increases the nasal congestion.
* Yes uses glasses, prevent from pressing him.
* The humid climate is worse, from what the dehumidifiers can be useful.
* Also the changes of pressure can worsen the symptoms (before a thunderstorm, in the trips in plane).

B. It can be necessary to take medicines:


Medicines exist to diminish the nasal obstruction: decongestant, corticoids in nasal aerosol and antihistamines.

The allergic persons can benefit from a treatment in the long term to prepare the appearance of episodes of sinusitis.

If the cause of his sinusitis is a bacterial infection a treatment will be necessary with antibiotics.

In some case, they are more aggressive necessary interventions: drainage of the nasal bosoms  or even surgery. The last one also will be useful in case the sinusitis was caused by deviation of the nasal dividing wall, polyps, etc.

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